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What Makes Milwaukee A Soccer Town: An Interview With Pat Finn of the Milwaukee Barons


Welcome again to another edition of American Pyramid #FromtheVault on Non League America! This is what would turn out to be the first of three interviews with different soccer entities in the city of Milwaukee. Knowing myself like I do, there will probably be more down the road. Also, if you’re interested, you can Click Here to read the latest interview with Milwaukee Bavarians.

The Milwaukee Barons are a group of soccer fans in, well, Milwaukee, looking to show there is enough support in town for a pro soccer team, whether that’s USL, NASL, or something else. Pat Finn is their leader, and he graciously took the time to talk with the Pyramid about the city, and soccer’s history there. Check it out.

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Island Time: An Interview With Donna Fouts of the Hawaii Soccer Association


Welcome back to #FromtheVault on Non League America, where I re-publish old interviews from my page, American Pyramid for you to enjoy!

Now, a preface about this interview right up front. Donna Fouts is the volunteer president of the Hawaii Soccer Association. Due to her volunteer status, and the fact that she took the time to do this interview on top of those duties and the duties of her regular job, I wanted to take the time to extend a very heartfelt, ‘Thank you’ to Donna right up front. Soccer in Hawaii is something deeply fascinating to me, and Donna was more then willing to answer questions about the state of soccer (no pun intended. Okay, maybe a little) in the state of Hawaii.

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The Blue Tide: An Interview With Tim Kelly of Chattanooga FC


Welcome back to #FromtheVault on Non League America ladies and Gentlemen! Today I have the pleasure of pulling the Chattanooga FC interview out of the archives and back into the spotlight. Like Disney says, ‘Hurry, before it’s locked away for good!’ (Or you go find the DVD on Amazon, but, you know, whatever)

Now, I’m really excited to be able to share this interview with you. I’ve been following soccer for years, often times probably far too closely for my own good, but hey, it’s how I am where I am now. Chattanooga is a team I’ve been watching since it’s beginning, and it’s been a truly fascinating journey to watch. These guys have averaged several thousand fans a game, and when they hosted the NPSL Championship game, packed the house with 18,000+ This interview with Tim Kelly was fun to do and incredibly insightful. He was even gracious enough to 7 points worth of advice for people looking to start their own teams. Check it all out after the break.

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Soccer and the Art of Storytelling: An Interview with Peter Ostrovsky of the Evergreen Premier League


Welcome to the American Pyramid’s #FromTheVault series once again faithful readers. Whether you found us on Facebook, Twitter, or somewhere in between, it’s good to have you here. I’ve got a really special interview for everyone today that I did back in December.
I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most interesting people in soccer that I’ve encountered, Peter Ostrovsky. Peter helps out with the Evergreen Premier League in Washington state, and has quite the colorful background and story of how he came to be involved in soccer. He’s a smart man running a very exciting local league, one that is definitely worth your time to check out.  It was a fun interview and I’m really excited to share it with all of you. Read on after the break, and prepare to be amazed.

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A Regions Team: An Interview With Jason Barbato of North County Battalion


Welcome back readers, it’s time for another From the Vault interview! This one features Jason Barbato of North County Battalion out of Carlisbad, California. He gives one of the best, longest, and deepest interviews I’ve had. It’s a real delight, and I’m excited to see what you all think. Check it out.

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A Grand Surprise: An Interview With Matt Roberts of Grand Rapids FC



Looks who’s back! Back again! From the Vaults, tell a friend! Yeah, I’ll never do an intro that like again.
This interview is from November of 2015, and was probably the most demanded interview I’ve done. It even got released a week and a half early. So, I’ve got that going for me.
Now, Matt Roberts is the President and CEO of Grand Rapids FC, a team out of Michigan that took the American soccer scene by storm this year when they surprised everyone, including themselves, when they averaged 4,000+ fans a game over the course of the season. Without further ado, I present an interview with Matt Roberts, after the break.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane: An Interview With Dave Galas of Lane United FC


Hello again, and welcome back to the American Pyramid at Non League American. If it’s your first time reading this page, welcome! The point of the American Pyramid is to draw attention to what’s going on in the lower levels of American soccer. Who’s doing what where, and how you can get involved and support your local team. This is another one of my ‘From the Vaults’ interviews as I work towards catching this page up with what’s going on my the American Pyramid blog proper.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Galas of Lane United FC in Eugene, Oregon, in November of last year. To preface, I’ve been keeping tabs on Lane United since they were first formed thanks to the online soccer forum I’m a part of, and it’s been fun to watch them grow and actually get to talk to Dave to find out more about what’s happening in Eugene. It’s a long interview, but completely worth your time. Without further ado, an interview with Dave Galas.

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Soccer on the Bayou: An Interview with Jonathan Rednour of the Louisiana Premier League


I’ve got another ‘From the Vault’ interview for you this week, back from November last year. Thanks to the gents over in Mobile, I got connected with a man named Jonathan Rednour. Now Jonathan is the commissioner of the Louisiana Premier League. Currently the league featuers five teams from across the state and is looking to add more, not just in Louisiana, but throughout the deep south. I got to ask him about the league, how Louisiana fits into the soccer landscape, and learned about the challenges of starting a soccer team from scratch, even if it’s an amateur one. Interview after the break

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Sweet Home Alabama: An Interview With Mitchell Kahalley of AFC Mobile


Hello faithful readers! I had the tremendous pleasure of interviewing one the founding members of AFC Mobile Wanderers, a group working to bring a soccer team to the heart of the south in Mobile, Alabama, back in October, and I’m excited to re-release it here on NonLeague America. Mitchell Kahalley was very open with his answers and the goals of this group, and talks about everything from the city of Mobile itself to the local college scene. Check it out. Read more

Rockin’ in Little Rock: An Interview with Jonathan Wardlaw of Little Rock Rangers


Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you my interview with Jonathan Wardlaw of the Little Rock Rangers Soccer Club. This is re-release of my second ever interview over at American Pyramid, done in October 2015, so some of the answers might be a little dated.

Little Rock Rangers is a brand new team in the great state of Arkansas, and will begin playing in the National Premier Soccer League in 2016. This was a really fun interview, Jonathan has a solid background in soccer at multiple levels from childhood on up, and he’s building something awesome down in Little Rock. A quick FYI, LR is the abbreviation for Little Rock used several times throughout the article. Interview is after the break!

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