Non League America Vol. 3: A Regional Focus

Non League America Vol. 3:  A Regional Focus

The First Round of the US Open Cup is documented by Non League America.  The Seacoast United Phantoms of the PDL travel to Cambridge, MA to take on local side GPS Massachusetts.

USOC Exclusive Interview: Johnny Freeston [Harpo’s FC]

The qualification process through US Soccer adult league channels can always be complicated, convoluted and nonsensical.  Regardless of the elaborate journey, Harpo’s FC have strung together two victories in cup play to ensure their spot in the 2nd Round of the tournament where they will take on Colorado Springs FC of the USL.  Non League America was able to speak with Johnny Freeston, the owner and manager of Harpo’s, to gain more insight into their Open Cup run. Read more

Non League America Special: Cosmos Invade Brooklyn

Non League America Special: Cosmos Invade Brooklyn

It was a special night at the MCU Center in Brooklyn, New York where the New York Cosmos hosted the Ottawa Fury on Saturday May 2, 2015.  Non League America was on site to witness history, as the Cosmos B took the field for the very first time in the National Premier Soccer League.   We also had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. David Kilpatrick, a New York Cosmos club historian.

A very special thanks to La Banda del Cosmos, The Borough Boys, and the Cross Island Crew.  Thank you.


Non League America Vol. 2: Build & Rebuild

Non League America Vol. 2: Build & Rebuild

The Southeast is a weird intersection of soccer culture.  Barren of any MLS team between 2001 and this year, the Southeast has had hit-and-miss success with lower division teams – for every Chattanooga FC, there is a Rocket City United.  The distance between teams in the South has not made things any easier. In fact, the drastic space between clubs actually made the New Orleans Jesters leave PDL in 2012 for the NPSL, who at the time offered them teams much closer to them.  However, since that move, the Mississippi Storm (Ocean Springs, MS), Rocket City United (Huntsville, AL), Panama City Beach Pirates, and Pensacola City FC have all folded.

Despite these teams departing, New Orleans has actually experienced something of a rebirth.  With the founding of its supporters’ group, the Royal Court, in 2013, New Orleans suddenly has a crowd of rambunctious and eclectic personalities that match the reputation of the city coming out to cheer on their boys in purple and green.  They are building something that could soon come to the forefront of NPSL supporters’ culture.

Meanwhile, the remnants of Pensacola City FC’s supporters’ group, the Gulf Coast Armada, is beginning their trek around the Southeast to various teams this summer in hopes of attracting a new owner to Pensacola, FL or Mobile, AL.

The Jesters are building their reputation.  The Armada is trying to rebuild theirs. In a game that places an “old” club in the Jesters against a young supporter-funded club in Nashville FC, is the centerpiece for a look at how Southern hospitality and a kinship between the Armada and the Royal Court is helping to define southern soccer supporter culture.

NLA Match Day Essentials: USOC 2015 Edition

It is that time of the year again when we get to experience all of the lower division soccer glory that this great nation has to offer – the first round of the US Open Cup is upon us!  We at Non League America want to make sure you enjoy yourselves during game day.  To ensure you optimize your experience we are providing you with a list of Non League America’s Match Day Essentials.
Read more

NPSL Match Day: Rhode Island Reds vs. GLUFC

Donovan takes it to space

Dallas Donovan – Rhode Island’s leading scorer last year – moves the ball forward

Anticipation was high as we waited in line for tickets to the Rhode Island Reds’ season opener against their divisional rivals, Greater Lowell United FC (GLUFC), at their new home at Brown University’s Berylson Family FIeld.  We quickly found our hopes dashed and ourselves staring awkwardly at the field; the space had been overbooked for a children’s lacrosse game.  This was quite the unusual beginning for the Reds home opener.   The soccer gods were not on Rhode Island’s side, and, after the children and lacrosse parents slowly trickled out, a thick fog fitting for a John Carpenter flick rolled in. Read more

Supporters Section: Magic City Brigade

Supporters Section:  Magic City Brigade

Despite the fact the Birmingham Hammers do not currently belong to any league, they are poised to begin their 2015 campaign May 9th against Nashville FC (NPSL).  The Hammers were founded in 2013 with the goal of bringing professional soccer to Birmingham, or Magic City as it is affectionately known.  Despite being league-less, the team has an impressive exhibition schedule this year.  The Hammers will face off against several NPSL and PDL teams from the region including: Nashville FC, MS Brilla, and the Knoxville Force.  Buzz in the Magic City has been remarkable, and the team has an independent supporters group, known as the Magic City Brigade (MCB), that started in the team’s infancy.   MCB founder Forrest Collins provided some insight into the creation of the supporters group and his hopes for his crew and his team moving forward.   Read more

Inside Look: Copa Frontera [PDL Southwestern Cup Competition]

Inside Look: Copa Frontera [PDL Southwestern Cup Competition]

The Sandianistas (Albuquerque Sol Supporters), the Mob Squad (Las Vegas Mobsters Supporters), and the Cactus Pricks (FC Tucson Supporters), are proud to announce the creation of the “Copa Frontera”, a yearly cup competition between the Las Vegas Mobsters, Albuquerque Sol, and FC Tucson.  The winning team’s supporter group will get to keep the “Copa Frontera” for the entire year, until a new champion is crowned during next season. Read more

Non League America Vol. 1: SF City FC US Open Cup

Non League America Vol. 1: SF City FC US Open Cup

The Non League America team was out in San Francisco last week for the historic preliminary round match between supporter owned San Francisco City FC representing US Club Soccer and the re-assembled Wynalda led Open Cup legends Cal FC representing USASA Region IV.  The match posted a record preliminary round attendance of 1519.  We caught up with some of the supporter owners and the head coach, and were treated to a truly exceptional halftime honorarium for all the past San Francisco US Open Cup championship teams, many from the “long lost dark ages” (Pre 1996 MLS entry) when local ethnic based USASA affiliated clubs offered the highest level of competitive football in the United States.  We love to see this kind of reverence for history, and hope to uncover additional historical connections as we investigate the lower division landscape.   Thanks to Evan Ream for the great work.  Check him out on twitter @EvanReam.

Interview: Keasel Broome [New York Cosmos]

Interview: Keasel Broome [New York Cosmos]

It was early April when Keasel Broome signed his first professional contract.  The former Premier Development League (PDL) standout had previously been drafted by MLS San Jose Earthquakes, but due to a shoulder injury was released.  Keasel instead made his way back to the East Coast, and signed his first professional contract with the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League (NASL).  Keasel, a Delaware native, began playing soccer at the age of three years old.  He states that he “began playing keeper because I was overweight and had asthma, it was the only position I could play.  Soccer was always my first choice sport, but I did also play a little basketball, and I was also the kicker on the football team.” Keasel now attributes his time spent in the PDL to developing his game and he believes it prepared him for his first professional contract.  Broome has played for three PDL teams throughout his college career; Reading AC, Ocean City Nor’Easters and Boston Rams. Read more

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