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USOC 2016 Match Day: Southie FC v. Battery Park Gunners

First Qualifying Round – US Open Cup 2016
Southie FC v. Battery Park Gunners

Saturday October 17, 2015
Madison Park High School, Roxbury, MA
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League Profile: Buffalo District Soccer League

A greeting from Western New York, soccer fans, my name is Michael Schieber and I’ll do my best here to represent my league, the Buffalo District Soccer League (BDSL). This past summer after my 8th year playing across 3 different teams, I was elected to my first term as BDSL second Vice President. I’m truly grateful to have earned the trust of the managers in our league to represent them in this position. I know I speak for our 4 other board members, Bryan Staniszeski (President) Eric Kolber (1st VP), Ken Kirk (Treasurer), and Jay Morgan (Secretary) when I say we are proud of the direction and commitment to the league our teams have shown.Welcome any and all to check us out at as you read along.

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The United States Soccer Leagues Has Arrived

(Elizabeth, New Jersey, June 29, 2015) – The United States Soccer Leagues is pleased to officially announce their arrival in the United States of America soccer landscape.  We are looking forward to bringing a soccer league open to all clubs from all parts of the country. Read more

Non League America Vol. 3: A Regional Focus

Non League America Vol. 3:  A Regional Focus

The First Round of the US Open Cup is documented by Non League America.  The Seacoast United Phantoms of the PDL travel to Cambridge, MA to take on local side GPS Massachusetts.

USOC Exclusive Interview: Johnny Freeston [Harpo’s FC]

The qualification process through US Soccer adult league channels can always be complicated, convoluted and nonsensical.  Regardless of the elaborate journey, Harpo’s FC have strung together two victories in cup play to ensure their spot in the 2nd Round of the tournament where they will take on Colorado Springs FC of the USL.  Non League America was able to speak with Johnny Freeston, the owner and manager of Harpo’s, to gain more insight into their Open Cup run. Read more

NLA Match Day Essentials: USOC 2015 Edition

It is that time of the year again when we get to experience all of the lower division soccer glory that this great nation has to offer – the first round of the US Open Cup is upon us!  We at Non League America want to make sure you enjoy yourselves during game day.  To ensure you optimize your experience we are providing you with a list of Non League America’s Match Day Essentials.
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Supporters Section: Magic City Brigade

Supporters Section:  Magic City Brigade

Despite the fact the Birmingham Hammers do not currently belong to any league, they are poised to begin their 2015 campaign May 9th against Nashville FC (NPSL).  The Hammers were founded in 2013 with the goal of bringing professional soccer to Birmingham, or Magic City as it is affectionately known.  Despite being league-less, the team has an impressive exhibition schedule this year.  The Hammers will face off against several NPSL and PDL teams from the region including: Nashville FC, MS Brilla, and the Knoxville Force.  Buzz in the Magic City has been remarkable, and the team has an independent supporters group, known as the Magic City Brigade (MCB), that started in the team’s infancy.   MCB founder Forrest Collins provided some insight into the creation of the supporters group and his hopes for his crew and his team moving forward.   Read more

Non League America Vol. 1: SF City FC US Open Cup

Non League America Vol. 1: SF City FC US Open Cup

The Non League America team was out in San Francisco last week for the historic preliminary round match between supporter owned San Francisco City FC representing US Club Soccer and the re-assembled Wynalda led Open Cup legends Cal FC representing USASA Region IV.  The match posted a record preliminary round attendance of 1519.  We caught up with some of the supporter owners and the head coach, and were treated to a truly exceptional halftime honorarium for all the past San Francisco US Open Cup championship teams, many from the “long lost dark ages” (Pre 1996 MLS entry) when local ethnic based USASA affiliated clubs offered the highest level of competitive football in the United States.  We love to see this kind of reverence for history, and hope to uncover additional historical connections as we investigate the lower division landscape.   Thanks to Evan Ream for the great work.  Check him out on twitter @EvanReam.

Supporters Section: The Vanguard

Supporters Section: The Vanguard

The Pacific Northwest is known for its rabid soccer support.  The support is seemingly ingrained within the numerous hipster subcultures that seem to grow like fungus out of the crisp dew grass.  (Not an insult, I swear.  If anyone has a spare couch, let me know – I am jealous).  Bryan_Speaks had the opportunity to chat with one of the most passionate group of supporters from the area – and not the Timbers Army.  Bryan spoke with the Vancouver Victory’s supporter group, The Vanguard of the Evergreen Premier League.  The Vanguard are a close knit group who are known for their undying passion.  These supporters, still in their infancy, are looking for more members who will stand proud and sing loud in their second season in the EPLWA which kicks off April 25th. Read more

ASL Match Day: Western Mass Pro Soccer vs. RI Oceaneers

ASL WMP vs RI 4_11

RI Oceaneers warming up prior to kickoff

On Saturday, the American Soccer League entered their second week of the 2015 season.  Our own Bryan_Speaks was present at Dilboy Stadium in Somerville, MA to witness the match up between the Rhode Island Oceaneers and Western Mass Pro Soccer.  The match saw Western Mass far from their beloved Lusitano Stadium, where they regularly play their home matches as a result of the harsh New England winter.

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