NLA Presents: How to Live Stream!

NLA Presents: How to Live Stream!

Hi, I’m Nick Miko.  I don’t expect you to know who I am other than as the guy who live-streamed the Detroit City FC vs. Louisville City FC match on YouTube. I really wanted to stream it because I knew most people would not be able to attend the match.  It was a big deal for our team, it was the first time we made it out of the first round of the US Open Cup.

The feedback I received about the quality of the stream blew me away.  I had a really simple set up.  By picking the right tools I was able to make it look awesome.  After the match I decided to make a video to show people (other teams) how easy and affordable it was to do.

Here’s the video:

Joby Gorilla Pod

The biggest piece that you need is a good tripod for the camera to be mounted on.  My hands are very shaky and most other people’s are too.  This will help out tremendously.  For the Open Cup stream I used a Joby Gorilla Pod ( with ball head mount and a level.  This helped keep the picture level and took the shakiness out.  I love the Gorilla Pod because you can attach it to a railing set it up on the ground or anywhere really.  It’s very versatile.  Check this their website they have a ton of options depending on what you need. I really like this one too


The other option is to get a full tripod. This would have been ideal since it would have taken my hands out the situation entirely but I had heard rumblings before the game that Louisville wasn’t too keen on people streaming it, so I went with something a little more inconspicuous.

Cost: $29.90

Sidekick 360 Tripod Adapter

So once you have your tripod you need something to connect your phone to the tripod.  I used this connector.  There are other ones out there but this one had the best grip and angle for what I was looking for.

Cost: $30

Aukey Battery Pack

Battery life is always a concern while streaming. You can’t have your feed dying because you ran out of power. I used this battery pack from Aukey. I like it because it charges from the same Lightning connector as the iPhone does.  This pack will charge an iPhone about 6 times.

Cost: $29.99


Charging Cable – 6 ft

An extra long cable is good so that way you can keep the battery pack in a backpack.

Cost: $7.99

YouTube Stream!

The best place to stream to is YouTube. You can watch it on almost any device which gives it an advantage over Periscope.  Here are the instructions on how to stream for free on YouTube

Cost: Free

Wire Cast Go

To stream to YouTube you need an encoder. I don’t know a ton about this so I picked one that had the easiest set up. You can press one button and it starts streaming. This app was $6 unlock streaming for more than 15 minutes. Totally worth it in my opinion.

Cost: $6

Stereo Microphone

Something that is optional but I think really adds to the quality of your stream is a good stereo microphone. I bought this one from Amazon and it seems to work great.

Cost: $15

Grand Total – $120!

So the grand total of everything I used in addition to your cell phone is $120. Obviously you can go a little cheaper and skip the microphone and get a cheaper mount for your tripod and do it for under $100.
Non League America would like to thank Nick Miko.  You can follow him on twitter @rickreiko

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