Southie FC 5 Sports Identity 3 4/19/14

Southie FC  5  Sports Identity  3   4/19/14

Southie FC         5
Sports Identity    3

Bay State Soccer League – Third Division North- USASA  (7th Division)
4/19/14 8:00AM
Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA
Attendance:  7

Inspiring D7 action at Danehy Park, Cambridge, MA

I woke up at 6am on Saturday morning with this giant hole in my heart. I had this insatiable hunger for a live soccer game.  At this point the sun was just rising, and my girlfriend was still sleeping, so I began to sift through countless web pages and articles on lower division soccer throughout the United States – with a high concentration on the Rochester District Soccer League.  I even went as far as planning a weekend trip up to Western New York.   But, this would not be enough; a sensation came over me, I needed my fix now.

The time was 7:45am and I frantically began searching for some local amateur soccer in the area.  Realizing there was a game at Danehy Park in Cambridge, a six minute drive, I quietly borrowed my girlfriends car keys, and slipped out the door.  It was time to witness some Third Division (North) Bay State Soccer League action.  (Yes, there is a South Division as well.)   I pulled into the park with seconds to spare before kick off, grabbed a slice of Hawaiian pizza that I had left in the vehicle from the night before, and made my way to the field.  Danehy Park was highly impressive, home to multiple soccer and baseball fields, an olympic sized track and some prime real estate for a picnic or two.

Action?!  We’ve got action!

The two teams that were squaring off were Southie FC and Sports Identity.  Thanks to the great web presence of Southie FC I was able to view some serious lower league action.  Their vision and outlook reminded me of the BCSXI, previously chronicled by the DTIP original gangster.  Southie FC, founded in 2012, will be participating in both the MSSL and the BSSL this year.  In their inaugural season they had some excellent success in the MSSL, finishing second in the league and making a strong run in the Massachusetts Amateur Cup.  This will be their first season in the BSSL, thus starting in Division 3 – which is division 7 soccer in the American soccer pyramid for those who are keeping tabs!

Sports Identity were strong competitors in Bay State last year, finishing first in their division, but lost a promotion playoff match to keep them in the third division once again.  From my understanding promotion will work a bit differently this year: the winner of Division 3 North and Division 3 South will automatically get promoted, while the two second place teams from each division will compete in a playoff match against the 7th and 8th place clubs of D2.

The Demonic Soccer Watcher from parts unknown

Both teams had a lot to prove, and they certainly gave it their best effort.  Southie FC, adorned in interesting neon green kits, proved to be the more technical of the two sides as they combined for two goals by the 20th minute.  Sports Identity was not going down without a fight, cutting the lead in half right before the 45th minute.
Going into the second half I knew three things:
1) more goals would be scored,
2) the goalkeepers needed some serious work,
3) there was a large man with a stroller, and there was no baby inside or mother in sight.

I was fairly mystified by the demonic man with the baby stroller creeping closer towards me, and at this point I decided to seek refuge behind the opposite goal line.  My prophecy of “more goals” was correct as both teams battled throughout the second half, but the boys in neon kept the edge and tallied a final score of 5-3.   The BSSL season is a long one, but I will be highly interested to see how both these teams fare in the third division this year.  All I know is that I was finally safe from the man with the stroller,  I saturated my craving for some live soccer, and I would live to see another soccer match.  Until next time.

Awe inspiring display

Sports Identity Keeper = Embarrassed

  1. Thanks for the shout out! You can find out more about us on our site, Hopefully the Soccer Watcher will make it out to one of our games soon.

  2. Definitely plan on making it out to a BCS game! More than likely will have to be after the World Cup.

  3. My team is playing the Southie MSSL team tomorrow at Ceylon Park at 12 if you’re interested. It should be a great game!!

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