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Joe Barone on the Relationship of the NPSL and USASA

Non League America Interview with Joe Barone

We would like to thank Joe Barone, Chairman of the National Premier Soccer League, for taking the time to answer a few questions we had.  Enjoy!


Steve Bayley: Tell me what you think about the prospects for the league this year. What’s going to be different in 2017? What’s new?

Joe Barone: Well look, there’s been huge growth, we have 96 teams. I believe we’re the largest men’s national adult league in the country. Operating in the 4 regions. We’re definitely in new markets where soccer teams haven’t participated on the national level, at least in markets like North Dakota and South Dakota, so that’s definitely a huge huge plus for us, I’m also happy to say that we’ve grown in areas where we’ve had difficulties, which is the Portland Seattle, whether you call it the Washington state and Oregon areas, so there is a huge growth in those markets and I’m happy with the work the staff has done, with the board of directors and the full time staff Jeff Tiffault.  We like to talk about hot spots, and those are the hot spots that we took time into finding teams and ownership groups who invested in the NPSL.

Steve: Those spots that maybe have been slightly tougher for the NPSL to crack, you mentioned the Pacific Northwest. At the same time, the Pacific Northwest is a hot spot of lower league soccer activity and soccer activity in general. What do you think is the proper or ideal relationship between NPSL and others, what does a strong relationship between a national league like NPSL and a strong regional league like the EPLWA look like in a market like that? How can they best work together and what is the relationship with regional leagues like that at this point? And how can there be mutually beneficial activity?

Joe:  That’s always the million dollar question… What I can say is that, myself, and the executive board and the NPSL, were going into all levels of soccer, I think you need the local 7 v7 and recreational and local leagues in cities and towns to regional leagues and national leagues. So, under USASA, what I’ve done with USASA President John Motta and Duncan Riddle, who is executive director of US Soccer, what we’ve done particularly is I’ve said guys, the sport here needs to come together and we need to standardize, to have standards for amateur soccer, so when people claim to be you know, Division 4, Professional, and so forth and so on, the only thing where there is standards under US Soccer is division 1, 2, and 3, and then you know technically, there is no Division 4 right? So you can claim that a national league like the NPSL and the PDL are technically Division 4, just by the fact that it’s a national league and it has a national championship, then I said OK guys, USASA and US Soccer need to come together to put a system in place where you have a national league, lets call it USASA 1 or A, or SU Soccer Division 4 that has standards and teams can meet those standards, and then put a system in place where its monitored, you cant have a system that’s not monitored. We’re working on that and hope to have some kind of resolution hopefully by the end of the year or the next year.

Steve:  So, does that mean that they are gonna codify a standard to delineate potentially Divisions 4, 5, and 6? Like if 4 a national league, 5 was regional leagues like the EPLWA and GCPL, something like that, and then 6 would be like a league within one city, and some of the classic leagues like the Cosmopolitan League in New York and the Bay State Soccer League in Boston, and the leagues like that, the NSL in Chicago, 6 being all the leagues with teams in one metro area? Is that kind of how you see that unfolding?

Joe:  Some leagues have been involved in a proposed plan, you know a plan that is being discussed on a continuous basis, you know its been sent forward to US Soccer, you know obviously US Soccer has to digest it, and see if this is something that can work. You know we’ve put some thought into it. This is something that the game needs to have. The amateur side, I’m not saying that the teams in the Cosmopolitan League or the EPLWA or the NSL in Chicago are not good enough to compete in a national league, because they probably are. They’re good enough to compete in those leagues, right? The only thing I’m saying is, is that, if you have teams that are making the investments to play in national leagues, and at the present time, there’s two national leagues right? It’s the NPSL and it’s the PDL, right? So the investment made by those teams, to compete, and to travel, and to have staff and have all sorts of processes in place, is greater than a local team that plays in a Sunday league that maybe gets together once a week. Now are there exceptions? Of course there are exceptions. 100% there’s exceptions, you know where, a club who play in local state leagues, I mean I just think about my area, in the Cosmopolitan League, you get a team like Pancyprians, who puts a lot of money into it. Are there exceptions around the country? Of course there are exceptions, but there needs to be a structure and a standard from the USASA of how the process works. That’s what I’m saying.

Thank you, Joe.


NPSL Match Day: Boston City v Seacoast Phantoms

NPSL Match Day #2
Boston City FC v Seacoast United Phantoms

Saturday, May 7th, 2016
Malden Catholic High School, Malden, MA
Kick Off: 6:00PM

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NPSL Match Day: Boston City v New York Cosmos B

NPSL Match Day: Boston City v New York Cosmos B

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Non League America Special: USASA President Interview

Non League America Special: USASA President Interview

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NPSL 2015 Playoff Format

NPSL Playoffs [Click on link for higher definition, updated 07.09.15]

Huge thank you to the supporters of FC Wichita who engineered, developed and created this fantastic NSPL playoff structure chart.  Thank you!



Supporters Section: Burg Brigade 1728

Burg Brigade 1728 is the newly formed supporters group of Fredericksburg FC.  Non League America was able to speak with one of the founders, Tom Leiss to get a closer understanding of the connection to the team, its history and the match day atmosphere they hope to bring to every game.  The Brigade was formed ahead of their first home match on June 9th against Legacy 76.  Enjoy this exclusive interview with Tom Leiss, founder of the Brigade – and also blogger for Soccer Junkies, and columnist for the Free Lance Star of Fredericksburg.

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Club Profile: Fredericksburg FC – A Relocation Done Right

Fredericksburg FC (FFC), an NPSL club in the Mid-Atlantic Conference played their inaugural match late last month in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  While the result was nothing more than a 1-1 draw on the road, it was really a celebration of soccer development  in the US and the reinvention the team has accomplished over the past year. Read more

Non League America Vol. 4: D4 Dominance in Chatt Town

Non League America Vol. 4: D4 Dominance in Chatt Town

Chattanooga FC has built the most consistent 4th Division winning club in the United States reaching 3 finals in 4 years (winning none). Pushed on by their supporters, the Chattahooligans, they drew 9000 to last years national semifinal.  They also beat their first professional opposition in 2014, the Wilmington Hammerheads 3-1 in the second round of the US Open Cup before getting knocked out by the Atlanta Silverbacks 5-0 in the third round.

Back again in the cup this year, Chattanooga hosted the PDL’s Ocala Stampede in the first round. This is how it all went down.

Non League America Special: Cosmos Invade Brooklyn

Non League America Special: Cosmos Invade Brooklyn

It was a special night at the MCU Center in Brooklyn, New York where the New York Cosmos hosted the Ottawa Fury on Saturday May 2, 2015.  Non League America was on site to witness history, as the Cosmos B took the field for the very first time in the National Premier Soccer League.   We also had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. David Kilpatrick, a New York Cosmos club historian.

A very special thanks to La Banda del Cosmos, The Borough Boys, and the Cross Island Crew.  Thank you.


Non League America Vol. 2: Build & Rebuild

Non League America Vol. 2: Build & Rebuild

The Southeast is a weird intersection of soccer culture.  Barren of any MLS team between 2001 and this year, the Southeast has had hit-and-miss success with lower division teams – for every Chattanooga FC, there is a Rocket City United.  The distance between teams in the South has not made things any easier. In fact, the drastic space between clubs actually made the New Orleans Jesters leave PDL in 2012 for the NPSL, who at the time offered them teams much closer to them.  However, since that move, the Mississippi Storm (Ocean Springs, MS), Rocket City United (Huntsville, AL), Panama City Beach Pirates, and Pensacola City FC have all folded.

Despite these teams departing, New Orleans has actually experienced something of a rebirth.  With the founding of its supporters’ group, the Royal Court, in 2013, New Orleans suddenly has a crowd of rambunctious and eclectic personalities that match the reputation of the city coming out to cheer on their boys in purple and green.  They are building something that could soon come to the forefront of NPSL supporters’ culture.

Meanwhile, the remnants of Pensacola City FC’s supporters’ group, the Gulf Coast Armada, is beginning their trek around the Southeast to various teams this summer in hopes of attracting a new owner to Pensacola, FL or Mobile, AL.

The Jesters are building their reputation.  The Armada is trying to rebuild theirs. In a game that places an “old” club in the Jesters against a young supporter-funded club in Nashville FC, is the centerpiece for a look at how Southern hospitality and a kinship between the Armada and the Royal Court is helping to define southern soccer supporter culture.

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